4 Ways To Store Coffee Beans At Home To Keep It Fresh

store coffee beans

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It is impossible to resist making yourself a cup of good coffee. One of the factors that will affect good coffee is the coffee bean. You need fresh coffee beans to make a cup of fresh coffee.But the way you store coffee beans will affect their freshness.

The aroma of the coffee beans is relatively short-lived. The clock starts to tick as soon as the roasting is over. The coffee beans will start to lose their aromatic qualities. If you don’t store it correctly, you will find it quickly turning stale.

Coffee beans should be used up over the next few weeks after their roasting date. But sometimes, it will not be an option if you don’t consume that much. It can be frustrating when the coffee beans lose their freshness before you can finish them. In this guide, you learn how to store coffee beans to keep them fresh.


How Long Do Roasted Coffee Beans Last?

Store Coffee Beans

The shelf life of coffee beans depends greatly on the roast date and the coffee storage. Coffee beans need to rest after roasting. This is to allow the coffee bean to release carbon dioxide. The best time to brew the coffee is within three days of the roast date and seven days for espresso. This is the time when the coffee beans have their best flavor.

How you store coffee beans will determine how long you can keep them fresh. If you store coffee beans in a paper bag, they will taste stale after one week. If the original packaging is an opaque, resealable coffee bag, it can last roughly about three weeks. But you must expel the air from the bag after each use.

Storing the coffee beans in an airtight storage container or canister will last about four to eight weeks. After that, you will notice a decline in flavor. If the coffee beans start stale, consider grinding them and using them for cold brew coffee instead of throwing them away.


Factors That Impacts The Freshness Of The Coffee

Store Coffee Beans


Knowing the factors that will impact coffee freshness can help you have a better idea of storing your coffee beans at home. Factors such as light, moisture, time, air, and purchasing ground coffee are the main factors.

Sunlight: Storing your coffee beans under the sunlight can quickly deplete your beans of flavor.

Moisture: When coffee beans are exposed to a moist environment, it will absorb the flavor of things around them.

Time: Just like others, there will be the best time to consume it. Coffee beans will become less fresh as time pass.

Oxygen: When the coffee bean is exposed to oxygen, its organic molecules break down and lose its flavor integrity. It is called oxidation.

Purchase ground coffee: The oxidation process will speed up when coffee beans are ground before you brew. Ground coffee will stale faster than whole beans because of the greater surface area exposed to oxygen.


1. Store Coffee Beans In Airtight Containers

Store Coffee Beans

As mentioned earlier, oxygen can speed up the staling process. Storing the coffee beans in an airtight container is one of the best ways to protect the coffee’s flavor and aroma, as it can prevent air, moisture, and light from entering.

When selecting the right container, it is important to find the right one. Buying a pretty glass jar can be tempting, but it allows light to enter. It is best to use an opaque airtight container. It won’t give off any odors.

Ensure that the container has a tight-fitting lit, so it can create an airtight seal. This is to ensure that it can prevent air and moisture from entering.


2. Store Coffee Beans In A Cool, Dark Place

Store Coffee Beans

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Store your fresh beans in a cool, dark place to preserve their freshness and flavor, as exposing them to moisture, heat, and light can cause the beans to oxidize and become stale. You will end up brewing a less flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee.

Store it at room temperature, such as in places like a cupboard or pantry, but keep it away from your garlic. Also, prevent places that can get too warm, such as near a stove, oven, or direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the beans to lose their flavor and aroma quickly.

Bear in mind that you need to keep the beans dry, as moisture can cause the beans to absorb unwanted flavors and aromas from the environment.


3. Grind Only What You Need

Store Coffee Beans

Ground coffee loses its freshness faster than whole beans, and it is better to buy whole beans each time you need it. The beans will start losing their freshness and flavor quickly due to oxidation. Grind your coffee beans just before you brew them. It can maximize the flavor and aroma of your coffee.

Coffee grinders are one of the most important tools to make the perfect cup of coffee. If you are just starting out or looking to freshen up your homebrew setup, consider investing in a good-quality grinder to optimize your coffee flavor.

Burr grinders are generally considered the best grinder for coffee as they provide a consistent grind size. When grinding your coffee bean, determine how much coffee you need for each brewing session. Measure your coffee bean before you grind. It can help you avoid grinding more coffee than you need.


4. Don’t Store Coffee Beans In The Fridge

Store Coffee Beans

If you are thinking storing coffee beans in the fridge or freezer can last longer, the answer is it will not last long. Your coffee beans will act like baking soda in just a few minutes in the fridge. The fridge is a moist location full of other food and beverages, and it can absorb all the odors and flavors surrounding it. It can lead your coffee beans to lose their flavor and aroma.

Besides, taking the coffee beans in and out of the fridge can lead to condensation on the beans, which can cause them to deteriorate fast. This is because the moisture that forms on the coffee beans during the cooling process can cause the oils in the beans to break down and evaporate.

So it is not recommended to store coffee beans in your fridge. Store it in a cool dark place to preserve the freshness and flavor of your coffee beans.

It can be an enjoying time when having a cup of coffee with some snacks or preparing yourself a cup of ice coffee if the weather is hot.. Be sure to have proper storage for your coffee beans to preserve their freshness. Don’t forget to check the roast date before buying your coffee beans.f

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