Afloat Coffee Roaster Surprise You With 3 Range Of Coffee

Afloat Coffee Roaster

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Looking for a carefree moment after a busy day? Afloat Coffee Roaster is somewhere you will want to leave your worries behind. The caffeine in the air has drawn many coffee lovers to this newly opened coffee roastery. 

Challenges Through The Journey

Afloat Coffee Roaster

After years in the coffee industry, the founder decided to run their own roastery. Opening a coffee roastery during the post-pandemic was one of the challenges they had to face. As a micro coffee roastery, they focus on the quality of coffee and the services they provide to their customers. 

To allow coffee lovers to have a better experience, recruiting suitable baristas and providing the proper training is a commitment to them. Continuous education for staff helps to elevate the standard of coffee serving. 

Branding is another challenge for them. They must stand out from their competitors with various coffee roasteries around the area. They emphasize the quality of service, coffee, and ambiance are well-maintained. 

Specialties Of Afloat Coffee Roaster

Afloat Coffee Roaster

Coffee lovers can have opinions of vast differences. No one coffee suits everyone. You will get to find one that suits you at Afloat Coffee Roaster.

Afloat coffee roaster have segregated their coffee into 3 range: Macro, Micro, and Unique. Macro has a balanced taste experience and revolves around coffee that’s more comfortable and suitable for a daily driver. The micro range suits coffee lovers looking for more complexity and depth of flavours. While the unique range focus on the rare processing method or rare coffee varietal, the flavours may surprise you. 

The founder is very picky with the quality of the coffee. They focus on sourcing great quality coffee beans and roast them consistently excellent. They ensure the quality of the coffee to deliver you the perfect coffee.

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