5 Different Coffee Brewing Methods That Coffee Lovers Should Try

coffee brewing methods

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As a coffee lover, it is an experience to enjoy drinking coffee using different coffee brewing methods. Some may love to try all, while some may love a particular coffee brewing method. Going to different café can be a good way to enjoy. If you want to, you can also choose to brew it at home with your favorite brewing method.

From cold brew to expresso and even drip coffee, there are many coffee brewing methods. Each method has its unique taste. It can be difficult to choose one method to brew it at home, especially if you love a few of it.

Before you decide which one you want to try at home, or you may even try it out in any café if you are too lazy to do it yourself, you will want to understand the difference between the different coffee brewing methods. We will introduce the different coffee brewing methods in this article.

Coffee Brewing Methods #1 – French Press

Coffee Brewing Methods

If you want something easy to brew at home, you can start with French Press coffee. The process is simple and easy for beginners to use. You get to get a cup of coffee quite fast. The taste of coffee can be rich, and you can make a few cups at once using this method.

To make your coffee through a French Press, add a tablespoon of coarsely ground coffee to the pot. Using medium-coarse coffee grounds is preferred. Make sure the water is hot when you pour it into the pot. Let it steep for 3-4 minutes. You can place the plunger back and press it down slowly.

It is suitable for those who love strong and distinctive flavors. It can be easy to brew and doesn’t need paper filters to absorb the oil that comes from the coffee. But make sure it doesn’t steep for too long as it may cause the taste of coffee to be bitter.

Coffee Brewing Methods #2 – Cold Brew

Coffee Brewing Methods

Another method that is suitable for beginners is to make it at home or for those who are looking for a refreshing taste. Cold brew coffee is low in acidity and a bit sweet in taste as it doesn’t need to be heated. The profile you can expect from a cold brew can be fruity or chocolaty; it depends on the coffee bean you choose.

Although it can be easy to brew but it requires long hours. You need to immerse the ground coffee beans in water at room temperature for about 8-12 hours, depending on how strong the flavor you want. Pour it through a filter after that. The grind size is recommended to be medium-fine.

You can serve the coffee as it is. It is also a great idea to serve it over ice, especially in hot weather in Malaysia. If you are looking for strong flavor, cold brew is definitely something for you. You will be impressed with the result.

Coffee Brewing Methods #3 – Aeropress

Coffee Brewing Methods

Aeropress is suitable for everyone, especially those who love traveling but can’t miss their daily coffee wherever they go. They are lightweight and can be easily carried around. Parts that come with an AeroPress include a plunger, chamber, filter cap, stirrer, scoop, funnel, filter holder, and filter paper.

The coffee that is brewed with AeroPress has a delicate and silky taste. It is also quite concentrated, similar to the taste of an espresso. If you love the taste similar to espresso, you wouldn’t want to miss this brewing method.

It can be easily used. Just place a paper filter on the device, make sure it is on top of the mug. Add in your ground coffee beans and water. Then, insert the plunge and press it slowly.

Coffee Brewing Methods #4 – Pour-Over

Coffee Brewing Methods

The pour-over method has been around for a long time. This method is brewing your coffee through a paper filter. You can find different sizes and designs of pour-over in the market. You can feel a smooth and delicate texture as you drink it.

The pour-over method can be easily brewed. All you need is just a paper filter that can fit into a dripper. The brand that most people use is the Melitta. Most of the time, pour-over can only make one cup. If you want to brew more than one cup, the Chemex carafe can brew up to 8 cups at one time. The paper filter plays an important role in the pour-over method as it helps to hold back the oil and undissolved coffee particles from the coffee bean.

A medium grind size is recommended for the pour-over method. Although it is suitable for beginners, the pour-over method also requires focus and care.

Coffee Brewing Methods #5 – Ibrik

Coffee Brewing Methods

Known as the world’s first coffee brewing method, it is a Turkish coffee you may want to try. This method is still in use and was first invented in Turkey in the 16th century. It uses a pot to brew and also serves in the same pot as well. The pot is known as Cezve in Turkey. But it is known as Ibrik in the rest of the world.

The flavor will be more intense as the coffee beans will be doubly roasted. It usually uses finely ground coffee beans. The coffee-to-water ratio will be 1:10. You will need to boil it until it gets good frothing, then you will need to pull out from the heat for about a minute. You have to repeat this brewing process until you get a frothy mixture.

Here are some of the coffee brewing methods you can see in the market. There are other methods, such as moka pot, espresso, and many more. As a coffee enthusiast, why not try some different brewing methods? You may not have to brew it on your own, but you can try it out in cafes. One brewing method may not suit all, but definitely, there will be one that you love.

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