First Direct-Fire Coffee Roaster In Malaysia, Soon Coffee Enterprise

Direct-Fire Coffee Roaster

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Believing that coffee can bring people together and create a meaningful connection, Soon Coffee Enterprise started with a hearty cafe in Segamat, Johor making small batches of roasted coffee beans to share with coffee lovers. We had a dream to make the best coffee in town. 


The Founding Of Soon Specialty Coffee

Soon Specialty Coffee

Image Credit: Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association

Soon Coffee Enterprise is the first direct-fire coffee roaster in Malaysia. The journey with direct-fire coffee started when our founder Gideon and his wife, Vincy, tasted their first cup of direct-fire coffee during a trip to Taiwan. They were impressed and determined to bring this roasting technique back to Malaysia.

They bought the first direct-fire roasting machine, the Fuji Royal, in 2017. With the help of their best friend, they started selling freshly roasted direct-fire coffee beans online. This is where the homegrown specialty coffee brand, Soon Specialty Coffee started. 

To ensure the quality of our coffee, we hand-pick our coffee beans and roast them in small batches. It can be time-consuming, but we believe it is the best way to serve you the freshest coffee at its peak flavour. 


The First Direct-Fire Coffee Roaster In Malaysia

Soon Specialty Coffee

Direct-fire coffee is what makes us stand out from other brands. We are the first coffee roaster with this technique in Malaysia. We use an artisanal roasting technique popularized in Japan that involves roasting coffee beans over an open flame.

This technique produces a unique flavour profile that cannot be replicated through other roasting techniques. You wouldn’t be able to find the same taste in other places. 

If you have tried out our coffee, you would definitely appreciate the robust taste profile created by the direct-fire roasting process. We would want to share the love of direct-fire roasted coffee with coffee lovers in Malaysia.  


Experience The Different Seasonal Mood In Malaysia

Soon Specialty Coffee

Unlike other countries that have four seasons, we will only be experiencing sun and rain in Malaysia. 

Our signature blends are the Four Seasons Blend which consists of Haru (春), Natsu(夏), Aki (秋), and Fuyu (冬). We hope coffee lovers can experience these unique seasonal moods through our coffee.

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