8 Bits – Drip Bag Taster Box


What’s inside the box?

House Blend:

1) Bitpresso V2 – 2 packs each 12g – Suitable for strong body coffee drinker

2) Bitfilter – 2 packs each 12g – Suitable for refreshing coffee drinker

Single Origin:

1) Yunnan RW Lot 1 – 2 packs each 12g – Fruity and Chocolate profile

2) Brazil / Columbia – 2 packs each 12g – Chocolate and nutty profile

Total of 8 packs of ground coffee & 8 drip bags filter

You can apply this into your hand brew tools for V60 01 dripper, to try to brew a good quality coffee at home without worry for the grinder size setting.

If you don’t have any tools, no worry, we provide drip bags filter for you as well. You can brew your cup of coffee with the drip bag provided.

Brew like a pro start.

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