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beans depot

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As one of the pioneers in cultivating the specialty coffee scene of Malaysia, we are proud to serve every coffee lover our specialty coffee. Our name, Beans Depot, says it all. A little “warehouse” with varieties of coffee beans by origin and brewing method. We like to bring our customers to discover the perfect cuppa. 


The Story Of Beans Depot

Beans Depot

Each roastery has its unique story. It wasn’t an easy journey, especially focusing on specialty coffee. As a coffee roaster, the founder wanted to highlight the characteristics of each coffee bean.

The founder started to research and travel around to experience the coffee culture of each country and was inspired by European countries that sell coffee and coffee beans by origin in their retail shops.

She started picking up coffee-making and even roasting skills to serve her customers better. She started in a small little garage size shop back in 2012. Besides sharing with coffee lovers about different coffee origins, brewing methods, and coffee beverages, she believes that baristas should feel proud and respected for their profession standing behind a coffee bar. This is how Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association (MSCA) was formed to upgrade and standardize the local coffee scene. MSCA is also a platform to train and develop talents and make known Malaysian baristas to the world.

There are good times and bad times. It was a tough time for all F&B businesses during the pandemic. It can be discouraging, but they came out with their home recipes at that time and have gained popularity since then.


Things You Can’t Miss At Beans Depot

Beans Depot

Besides roasted coffee that highlights the characteristics of coffee origin, the coffee cocktail, nitro coffee, and tea are something you can’t miss at beans depot. You would also want to try their home recipes, such as roast pork, pork chop, black forest, and tiramisu. Authentic Korean cuisine prepared by a Korean chef is their latest addition. 

Beans depot wants to serve its customers the best. Roasted coffees are meticulously hand-picked for any defect after roasting and before packing by their baristas and crews. At beans depot, they believe that everyone has a unique palate and different preferences at different times and moods of the day. You can request any origins available to make into any beverage you like.

At beans depot, you get to taste specialty coffee at their cafe. They have the FIRST Specialty Coffee Association America (SCAA) certified coffee roaster in Malaysia, and FIRST Specialty Coffee Association Japan (SCAJ) certified world siphonist judge in Malaysia. All their baristas are Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified.

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